Join the Team - Boston vs Bullies/New Balance

Tasked with developing a social campaign promoting the Boston vs. Bullies/New Balance partnership to end bullying, the intern team at A&G presented three campaign concepts. KnotInMyTown, an effort to raise awareness and increase intervention through distribution of shoelaces with a signature knot and two intertwining colors, is the centerpiece of this movement.

A simple, color-block post will draw attention in cluttered newsfeeds to a caption expressing a commitment to standing up to bullies and inviting friends to do the same.
Join the team of Boston vs. Bullies All-Stars by uploading your photo alongside your favorite athletes (various body types, skin tones).
Using Kik or Facebook Messenger technology to create a chatbot providing bullying insights (with a redirect to a hotline or external sight when triggered by more serious questions).
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